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Juliet Starling by cartoon56
please love my artwork



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Cory Torbett
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United States
Hi i'm Cory, you can also call me Cartoon 56 (meh username).

I am a traditional/digital artist with a mission to become a cartoonist/animator and later create my series Cory Tales more further into the world. So here are my polices to my page:

1) MY CORY TALES (CT) CHARACTERS: I herd that there is random people who takes a persons art and uses it for themselves here well here is my first policy .: If you are planning to draw up ANY of my CT characters than ASK FIRST before drawing any of them even if it is a gift or some nature:.

2) COMMISSIONS: Nope no commissions i am a no money owning type of guy.

3) REQUESTS: Yes i do those BUT then follows my second policy .: If you are planning to ask me a request then read and follow the exact info here:

- I must have a reference to make me do the request.

- Note me on what you want your request to be.


4) MY GALLERY: If you like, you can check out my awesome gallery.

5) FAVORITES: If i like your artwork ill fave it and just might watch you.

6) TAGLINE: Sometimes i change my tagline to something more good or goofy so yeah.

7) FANART: Sometimes i do those.












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First i will like to point out that i am CONTINUING making FORCET and it will be a great series for you all to enjoy trust me, it will. Second for some reason i  have ALREADY came up of a story plot for "FORCET- Into Darkness" which is the 4th gen series and it is all by a dream i had LAST NIGHT.  So here is basically what FORCET- Into Darkness is GOING to be about :

.: Ron was up to his old tricks again once he failed controlling the Cyborgs by a mysterious effect which made them including Hegelouise Prime to join him into his infamous plans, 6 years ago before the interrogation of the Shutter Four and the fall of the Cyborgs he discovered a box filled with suspicious  dark power and the box spoke to Ron that he will grant of what he will desire once the dark power is freed. Soon Ron released the Dark Power and turns out to be a lady of some sort and this lady did not grant his wish which is to make him have control of the whole world w/e will stand in his way, instead, the Lady give him a stone of immortal power. As the lady reaches the floating fortress known as the Elemental Sanctuary she gained force and control to the sanctuary by possessing the Master Core which right when Natrosha (the goddess of Life) tried to stop the Lady, it pushed all 6 goddesses off the floating fortress and scattered into the Earth and thus we begin gen 4.

As 6 years have passed, no one has not known except for Ron on what happened 6 years to now. Not even Kathora and the whole FORCET knew about it yet and as soon as they finished planning and figuring out what Ron's next move might be, Stacy discovered on the monitor that the world is somehow changing weather patterns like it is out of control and the team decided to go and figure out on whats going on. As they came to the destinations they are assigned, they notice that the elemental stones have gone completely haywire which allowed the weather patterns to change coarse and somehow it is along with a possessed goddess guarding the stone by a spirit which was said by the goddesses as they gather the stones, by then the lady summons a dark vortex which will kill a living person no matter what and after Cory gets the 5th stone the vortex appeared and grabs Natrosha by the knee as Cory yelled to let her go but then he had no choice but to confess which was a quick save cause he said that he has the stones. The swirling vortex came to a halt and disappeared and which dropped and saved Natrosha later. After that, the lady suggests to let him go till he gets all of the stones then she will get them again. They continued their mission till they Old Glycoise where the last stone is held and by Kathora's whereabouts it will be a piece of cake, as the group got the last stone everything went to a halt and rumbling starts to happen and soon as it gets louder, the vortex appeared again  and this time it came for Cory and then Ashlynn grabs Cory and said that she is not going to let him die by sacrifice and a friend never leaves a friend behind and they took a shortcut though Dead Mans Trail into the base which the vortex disappeared and inside HQ they gathered the stones and they got out of control and the lady's voice came up and the lady said "I am the goddess of Darkness and Death and I AM LUCARCIA DARKNESS!!!!!" Cory then said on what she was doing and what she wants with the stones and Lucarcia said "Well, you see, i want to take over the world and later POSSESS all the people in this world and I WILL BE SUPREME..... A GOD! And it was all thanks to you and your pathetic friend!" and Cory said " What...... wait, youre saying that all this time it was......."  Lucarcia said " Yes i know what you are thinking it is indeed a trap." Cory rose in anger and said " WHAT!?!?! YOURE SAYING ALL THIS TIME I HAVE BEEN LIED INTO A TRAP PLANNED BY A DARK, CRUEL, AND USELESS WORTHY OF A VILLAIN?!!?! WELL I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, WHY DONT YOU COME ON OUT OF WHERE YOU CAME FROM AND FIGHT LIKE YOU MEAN IT COWARD!!!!!!! COME ........OUT........NOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!" There was silence, and Ashlynn was surprised to see that Cory was so rave enough to go on and soon the stones summoned Lucarica and rushed like a gust of wind and grabs and pushes Cory hard to a wall and then Lucarcia than said looking at him "OK pathetic human, first of all im am NO COWARD and two you think you got the urge to fight me well i will like to see you try."

As all the battle commences to the Sanctuary by help from the Goddesses and gave him the box where Lucarcia was sealed and than Cory rushed to defeat  Lucarcia and sealed her back into the box and Ron later puts to his (surprise!!!!!!) death by Lucarcia's death touch and so the world is saved thanks to the FORCET team.  :.


1. Glycoise Plains (tutorial stage)
2. Magma Labyrinth (Cory)
3. Deep Cove (Ashlynn) 
4. Lightning Canyon (Sarus)
5. Glacier Mountain (Riley)
6. Nawatchi Desert (Vicius)
7. Sycromore Woods (Amy)
8. Old Glycoise (Kathora)
9.  FORCET Base(Final 1)
10. Elemental Sanctuary (Final 2)

And finally, i mostly would like designs for G2 (FORCET- The Shutter Four), G3 (FORCET- Cyborg Madness), and G5 (FORCET- Virus Shutdown) so i would love to have some design help and if you like, you can tweak the story up a bit and gather further designs for G4 (FORCET- Into Darkness).

- Cartoon56


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